Mugithi singer DJ Fatxo has expressed concerns about his personal safety, alleging that his life is in danger just days after being cleared of any involvement in the mysterious death of Jeff Mwathi by detectives. The artist recently faced a distressing incident when he was denied access to his own house, a video of which circulated on social media. Accompanied by his friends, DJ Fatxo attempted to enter his apartment but was denied entry. In an interview, DJ Fatxo expressed his frustration with the ongoing conflict and claimed that his life was being threatened as he was unjustly kept out of his house from 7:00 pm to midnight. He stated, "I'm tired of all this conflict. I'm a God-fearing person. We have a law, and I think when it gets to this point, somebody should be guided. I don't want all this drama. I feel my life is threatened and still somebody is keeping me out of my house from 7:00 pm to midnight. It is not fair."