Kenya will soon stop importing COVID-19 PCR kits and malaria Rapid test Kits after the Kenya Medical Research Institute(KEMRI), Tuesday launched the first ever locally manufactured kits for pathogen detection for the two deadly diseases. Scientists have termed the news a milestone and a medical breakthrough with the two products approved for use by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board and will go a long way in reducing the cost of treatment in the country. The launch of the COVID-19 PCR kits, KEMCoV, and the malaria Rapid test Kits, PLASMOCHEK was presided by the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Rashid Aman at Safari Park Nairobi. The COVID-19 test will cost Ksh1,500 as compared to the usual Ksh2,000 Kenya and at least Ksh5,000 in public and private facilities respectively