As various countries across the globe ease COVID-19 restrictions, especially when it comes to the use of masks, the Ministry of Health is warning that Kenya is not yet out of the woods. According to global health experts, COVID-19 will become commonplace, but it does not mean this disease is no longer deadly. For more than a week now, Kenya has recorded less than 100 new COVID-19 infections daily; At the moment, the country's positivity rate stands at 0.4%. Given the scenario of few severe cases of COVID-19 reported, a number of Kenyans have opted to do away with what had become the norm, masking. Health Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Rashid Aman says: “We will continue to maintain the non-pharmaceutical requirements because that is what really is our first line of defence in terms of curtailing the transmission of the virus. We’re not done with the virus yet, the fact that we have overcome the Omicron wave does not mean we’re done with the virus.” According to Dr. Githinji Gitahi, the Chief Executive Officer at Amref Health Africa, it is time to reduce mask mandates and accelerate last mile vaccine access in Africa. In a statement on Twitter, he says: “All signs indicate we may be moving from pandemic to endemic phase of COVID-19, however this doesn’t mean that the mask as a tool for fighting the pandemic is discarded but must be retained and used based on data such as levels of community transmission, location, vaccination rates, hospital capacity, and a policy framework to guide decisions.”